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"Who is she"? I hear you cry; just a chick who loves to craft with all her heart. I was taught to knit when I was about 8 years old, I sadly can't remember who it was that taught me; but I owe them one (whoever they are). I never carried on into my teens but my mind flirted with the idea for much of my adult years; I had let's say my own "stereotypes" about "knitters" ‎until one day I saw a young lady, about my age,    making what I now believe to have been a little girls hat "in the round" using "weird  needles" (circular needles).Who'd have known?? That was all I needed- I went straight online to research the modern day knitting - I found an amazing online Guru and spent 5 weeks engrossed day and night, learning about tools, patterns, yarn - the lot; and well one thing led to another, I'm totally obsessed!! To prove it I have approx 1,000 balls of yarn (un-used)  I've since taken to cross stitching, sewing,card making and I'm hooked on plushies made from felt. My Darling Husband is the brains behind this site - any technical problems, blame him (LOL) My gorgeous son is the one who appreciates the wonderful "string" I bring home and is my occasional model.  My only regret is that I never resumed knitting or picked up crafting sooner. I'm overflowing with the amazing crafts that are out there, better late than never I suppose.   I hope this website will be a "one-stop shop" where you'll find many useful links and information as well as my blog and other crafting goodness from all under one roof.  So without further a-do Welcome to Jacko's Crafty Corner!