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Dyeing to show you what I’ve been up to!

Hello my lovely subscribers! How are you all? I am glad to be back. I hope you are all well and have been busy crafting and spoiling yourselves rotten.

I’ve had a much needed rest, the energy levels were on "Zero" - so I thought it was a good time to put a couple of things on hold so I could focus on getting better. It’ll be debatable as to whether I managed to get tons of things done, I personally don’t think I have much to show for 2 months but we’ll see ….
It is as always one for when you’re having a cuppa, so go get one (you’ve been warned)!

New beginnings.

For most of you who follow me on Instagram; you'll have seen my latest thing!!  I have been playing with the idea of dyeing my own yarn for so long, but when the time is right it’s just right.  I decided to start off small, although I just wanted to dive in with my  head and feet all at once.  I was doing some research and stumbled on a YouTube Video by Beyond Bracelets showing how to dye your DMC skeins  from plain white to whatever you like. The person making the video had me sold.  Super easy and fun.

Kit Purchased

My first attempt


Full Blown

If you’ve ever thought you’d like to dye a special coloured thread for a bespoke project or have even just thought about it, don’t delay. go and try, the kit cost about £16 from Ebay – it’s called Dye Na Flow. You can expect to see some of these in my shop in the new year.

So that of course had opened up my appetite, so ya’ll  know what I did next right?

I purchased some Skeins and well….. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

After so much fun I decided I had better start thinking about some repeatable colourways so I thought carefully and came up with this little beauty.

This gorgeous number is made from Pinks , Browns , Cream and Apricot. With flecks of brown and pink.
I’ve called it First Born as It was the first colour I was able to repeat successfully. I absolutely love it!   I can’t wait to see what lovely things are made from it. I am unsure of my launch date as I want to make sure everything is top dog before rushing ahead . I am also looking for some samples to be knit from my other repeatable colour ways; so if you fancy taking part in a little sample knitting, please get in touch. I will keep you posted and will have a special introductory price for all.

I recently came across a blog that basically was telling other could be/wanna be yarn dyers not to "jump on the band wagon".

Their view may have started with good intentions but ended up sounding really negative and if I hadn’t already started my journey I may have decided to abandon my desire to dye. Apparently the indie market is“saturated”! Seriously I don’t believe there are enough yarn dyers to cater for all the crafty people who use yarn in this world so don’t be put off by people who may not be confident in their own product and hence don’t want new faces to come in and “take away their business”.  Sure you have to think about over heads and materials bla bla bla,  I’m not super rich and I’ve managed to get the basic materials needed, you can start out with basic ingredients from your cupboard, food colouring and even Kool Aid!

Buy a couple of bare or cream coloured Wool, I personally use professional dyes but you don’t have to start with the professional dyes straight away -have a play and away you go.

Take inspiration from this awesome YouTuber, Business woman Indie Dyer/multi crafter.

Her name is Nicole Clark and she is one inspirational very sweet person who shared her love for yarn dyeing to help others who wanted to get started, she has a great podcast go check it out here

Also see her : How to dye Yarn tutorials

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There were also a couple of videos that helped me alongside of Nicole tutorials.

Andresueknits Podcast

Rebecca from Chemknits

Ok now that’s out of my system let me tell you what else I’ve been up to – I’ll try and keep the explanations short as there is a little more to get through.


Pokemon ball

I had actually forgotten to post this in September.
Pokemon love was so busy and I had learned that my work colleague was a little "Pokemad" – so I found this pattern by Alice Riley.

Caesars baby Cardigan and booties

I was told one of our chefs had a little girl so I tried out two patterns I have been wanting to try out for a while.

Mini Moogly Cardigan

Mia Slouch Booties

I already have another set on the hooks. I love the set although not from the same designer they go really well together.

Baby Dungarees -Gift

This cute little number is a pattern by Aradhna Shukla That you can find here on Ravelry and I found a cute little applique pattern of a little race car.

Drawstring Bag

I’ve been making some more crochet bags from BAG O DAY CROCHET. My ones are a little larger than what she makes – I do a 20 row repeat. I omitted the strap as I wasn’t sure what it would be used for and as it wasn’t lined I thought it might make a nice overnight bag or a large project bag rather than an everyday bag.

So I had two people to say goodbye to as they were leaving due to contracts expiring and an international visitor going home. They were ladies so here are what they received.

I used Caron Simply soft and some gorgeous beads from my collection.

Peanut Request

So my really good friend had seen a previous make of the cute elephant called Peanut. She had asked me make one for a friends daughter as well as one for her that I totally plan on “pimping up" with lashes and bling…… but anyway here's what I made for a little Bambina.


In addition to our international visitor’s bag gift, I offered to make the card for everyone to sign.

Prick and stitch card using Silky Hand-Dyed threads from the Dehaviland Embroidery threads hosted on our website.and just some simple Black DMC for the shoe.

Baby card

I have amazing support from my friends and they often  come to me as ask what I can make for a friend/family who is having a baby. Due to lots of things happening around the time I was requested to make something for a new baby I was unable to make any clothes but offered to make the card at least. Trust me it’s much cuter in real life, it was a Decoupage card (3D) hard to capture its glow.

Wedding card

So you know I love a bit of prick and stitch,  I have an obese stash of patterns. I’ve had this next pattern for a while but until I saw a really lovely card made from a friend on Instagram for her friend’s wedding I instantly remembered it and wanted an opportunity to make it. I got the opportunity for a friends friend’s wedding. I really enjoyed it. My mum said it was a little dark for a wedding but I really love the modern vibe with black plus I could not do 2 white doves on white card now could I?

Knitting  (WIP)

I have some knitting plans in the pipe line, I have finally calmed my crazy passion for crochet down and is somewhat in its right place. My son is one of my biggest fans, he really appreciates the things I make for him. He was due a new sock head hat so I purchased some sock weight yarn and asked him to pick a colour so here it is. It’s a free pattern a good all-rounder hat, good for that in between weather. I’ll get my fan to pose for a pic when it’s all done.



I’m back on the machine and I have some beautiful material to get tucked into I hope to show you these on next month’s blog but just thought I would share a little project bag I managed to sneak in.

I love these little wedge bags, I’ll use this bag for some socks I plan on knitting as samples to go with my new collection of hand dyed yarn. I did not follow a set pattern, but I plan on following a couple cute designs so i'll be sure to add links in then.

Well that’s it’s for now, it’s been great getting this blog ready for you.  Looking back at all I’ve done, I’d say I got a good amount in.. where do I find the time?

Till next time my friends be safe and crafty.


Jacko x