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House of Cards!

Hello there crafters, welcome back to another fun packed blog.  I hope you’ve all been happily crafting like me. It’s been a busy month, we opened our online shop on February 15th, so we can now bring to you some gorgeous hand-dyed threads, Thank you so much to those that took the time to look and buy, the beautiful emails we received confirmed to us that we have to keep doing this, making people happy has got to be the best job in the world; thank you also to the well wishes we received ahead of us opening it means a lot.   I’ve been purchasing like there is no tomorrow and of course working behind the scenes with hubby dearest on some new ideas.  I can’t wait to show you what I have been up to so get that cuppa and get comfy.



Prick & Stitch Cards/Pinbrodery

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you would have seen that I went a little “crazy” with my card making/preparations. I have been getting involved, obsessed and blown away, all over again with this almost instant gratification type of project. I had a thing for it last year, but I put card making on a back burner for a bit, but now I am back and no one can stop me, not even myself!

So far I have stitched up the front of what will eventually be cards; I had too much fun and I have more in line to work on, I hope to have these available to purchase in the next couple of months, everyone needs a card, it goes so nicely with a present or even just to tell someone that you care, I love it and I’m finding that card making is vast! I'll have some marbling projects to show you, next month.


Umbrella No: #1

Colours Used:
Umbrella Top -Cocktail Sunrise  
Shower -Glorious Rainbow
Stem/Bow -Brown Town


Umbrella No:  #2


Colours Used:
Umbrella Top- Blue and Purple
 Shower/Bow -Pink and Blue Stem -Random Cotton Embroidery Thread



Balloon boy

Colours Used:
 Balloons Blue and Purple -
Strings: Gold Metal Threads
Bow: Grey Day



Balloon Girl

Colours Used:
 (Left to Right) Candy Mix, Glorious Rainbow, Cocktail Sunrise
Strings: Brown Town
Bow: Blue and Pink



Stork Boy

Colours Used:
Stork: Grey Day
Bundle: Blue and Purple



Stork Girl

Colours Used:

Stork: Grey Day
Bundle: Candy Mix

I know you’ll believe me when I tell you I have tons more card tops like these but I will hold these back for next month.

Soon to be a new feature on the website, will be a gallery for projects made using Dehaviland Embroidery Threads. Although I’ll make an official mention when the time comes, please feel free to send in your projects to us at jackoscraftycorner@gmail.com in the meantime. Hopefully you are feeling inspired by the card stitchery madness.


Finished Objects

Needless to say I have a few more cards to show ( I know!) you but I think I’ll split this up a wee bit. Last month I mentioned that I had two secret projects on the go.

 I can now reveal one!

First up; a stitchy project for my very sweet friend Jo, she had no clue and she usually proof reads the blog before it goes out and I was desperately wishing she wouldn’t ask who the secret projects were for, but I had a little speech up my sleeve in case she did ask who it was for.

A cross stitcher mate at work, alerted me to a chart, that by the looks of it, is making its way around the stitchy frames, I believe if you type in “you are braver” Cross Stitch you’ll be able to find it. She came over to my desk one day, and I instantly knew I was going to make this for Jo and in different shades of Green as this her fave colour . I started this on January 24th and completed this Feb 22nd.

I decided to finish it as a cushion, it came out better than I had ever expected.  Because of my very little sewing skills I had made a mistake and had to cover it up and it just so happened it turned out amazing! I added some wooden buttons at the back of the cushion for style and added a little more green in the way of some ribbon.

I also added some Rhinestones on the twisted sections of the ribbon and I stuffed it with toy stuffing.

I did not use DMC threads and this is where I am keeping to my “stash down” plan that I have mostly ignored. I had purchased some threads a long time ago, the brand is CXC, I got something like 200 threads for approx. £20.00 the numbers and colours match the DMC shades. I figured as I had them there already I’d use them up. Lets hope Jo doesn’t have to wash the Cushion to find out if they bleed when washed.

Err yeah you guessed it; to top it off I made Jo a card to go with her stitchy gift.

It was quite sweet, and we were both teary eyed and had to remind myself that I was wearing Mascara.  I plan to do one for my darling son, although it won’t be a cushion.

I had put myself forward to make a couple of leaving cards for our 2 graduates who have been working with us for 6 months and are now moving on to their next rotation. You can see the card I made for the young lady in the Fabulous February blog – pretty little decoupage card with butterflies and glitter. I then became a little stumped as to what I should do for our male grad.  So after much deliberation, I decided to turn to my old friend “Prick and Stitch” it was a great time to whip out my amazing stash of threads and get stitching –I had a pattern from last year that I loved but never got the chance to use so I decided it was time to do this or down to the card shop.

Colour Used: Blue and Purple (Silky Thread)

Well that just opened the doorway to get downright busy, hooked and even more obsessed. The door kept getting wider and wider...

Last but not least, (because I have more)…… I made a card for my line manager who recently had some surgery, well, who do you think decided to put herself forward to make a card for the team to sign…. I know right! Me! It was so much fun; I made this into a shaker card with Martha Stewart Glitter pieces, backed onto some "Adorable Scorable" 350gsm cardstock.


I kid you not, if I had to list all the things that I purchased recently, I would have spent my whole week writing everything down instead of getting on with the crafts, but if my audience is made up of card makers and you wanted to find out more, just drop me a line I’d be glad to divulge!!

Corner Rounder

What I did want to mention was in my opinion a fab tool that I have found gives my card that slight face lift. It’s an X cut Corner rounder and I love it!!  i adore it, its the new baby in the house It does exactly what it says on the package and rounds edges. The above card edge was eventually rounded.

To use, all you do is insert the edge of the paper into the triangle section- and press – well I just went ahead and clipped everything in sight… a very handy tool I thought I’d share.

Martha Stewart

Next up some Martha Stewart goodies, I guess in the UK you’d call these sequins or confetti, but in the US I have heard these called “Glitters” they are fab for shaker cards or just for adding a bit of twinkle to your card or you could even glue these down on some applique or felt items.

I have another 9 tubes, some with stars some with hearts, and yep I have some new colours on the way too- Happy Days.


I have been very good!! I only purchased what I needed, makes a change I hear you say…. I have two little ones to make some sewn items for, the plan is to make them one of each design.

I plan to make Pillow case dresses and I can’t wait. I had better pull this off, as I have no knitted plans for them. If all else fails they’ll get a really nice card that’s for sure!!

Yarn Review: Drops Big Merino Mix

So for those that are reading this blog for the first time, you might quite rightly assume that I am a card-maker, or a stitcher based on the combined crafts of Prick and Stitch; and I guess some part of that is true, but I am first and foremost a “hardcore” knitter, you’d never guess…  so hopefully knowing that bit of information, you’ll take my yarn review a little more seriously…

If you are in any doubt, please don’t be, this is a very satisfying yarn, it has the “Squish Factor” its soft and a smooth, if you were to untwist the plys, there would be many, this adds to the bounce of this yarn. I am currently making some gloves from this yarn and the first thing my colleague said (whilst trying this on with her eyes closed) was “ooh how soft.”

They come in a variety of colours they are cute in their 50g package; I would love to see this in 100g balls. This would be ideal for baby. i have found that this yarn "grows" so for those that never need to swatch.....ha ha like me, do a swatch and wash it... how do i know?? Trust me.....   I give this yarn a top rating of:

 And finally…..

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, a very special VIP…, he goes by the name of Monsieur Bearlaymont.

The Magazine Simply Knitting featured him on their blog in 2015, the article will explain more, but I saw this pattern in my monthly magazine subscription and had to make it for my colleague Beth – what she done for me in return is made this bear come alive, he is very well respected at work and has travelled to more places than I have ever been. He recently attended the very high profile event in Davos this year, so hoping to share some of his adventures with you here because he is so much fun and the bravery of the handlers – I mean, I was asked if I would take him on some adventures in Hackney and I was like “who me?” No way…. Rep to protect and all that…. Lol

As always it’s been great letting you know about my month of crafting. If you’d like to find out anything mentioned here in more detail, please use the "contact us" form and I’d be happy to go into more detail, be sure to mention the blog title so i can refer back to any products or items mentioned.  I’m also here to take on board any ideas you’d like to me to incorporate into the blog.

I wish you all a very crafty month, and can’t wait to be with you again soon!

Jacko x