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Hello folks, apologies that this post is a little late, how are you all? Well you can just imagine what I’ve been up to… so many crafts to dabble in, I just can’t help myself.

How do I manage it all I hear you ask? Well if I am sitting I’m crafting – it’s a necessary need to keep my fingers busy – as an ex- smoker I know what it takes to keep me busy so as not to think about those occasional cravings; besides I’ve got to keep busy for ya’ll! Let’s get started.


Cross Stitch

If you ever want to keep up with me ahead of the monthly blog you can find me happily posting over on Instagram, (@yarnstachick) some of you may have seen this cross stitch project and I am just loving! It’s a pattern by Wendy from @Wendingstitches on Instagram it’s called The Fruitage.  This chart is available for Purchase if you send a direct mail to her on Instagram or via Facebook. Small Progress but progress all the same. Big elephant in the room, yes the letter E  is missing on Peace – I will add it in don’t worry.

 I have been asked many times if they can use the Silky Hand-dyed threads for Cross Stitch, the answer is YES!! Of course you can, I do understand some stitchers who are used to DMC or similar cotton brands, may feel a little unsure because perhaps its seen as a special thread only used for specialty stitches or will be hard to work with but its a special blend, its  been designed to be robust even though silky. If you are like me a simple cross stitcher/prick and stitch card maker or an absolute genuious with a needle and thread, this thread is a “one size fits all” kind of thread. I’m just thrilled that I get to work with lots of different colours. I’m so greedy!

Tunisian Crochet/Cross Stitch Blanket

Now….. The reason why I called this month’s blog “Hooked” is because I am hooked hooked hooked!! It’s not the first time I have dabbled with Tunisian crochet, but it is the first time I have made more than a small Rectangle.  If you don’t know, my knitting Guru of all time is Staci Perry I’ll drop her link here. She is amazing and when I resumed knitting after about 25 years I found her and I’ve never stopped tuning into her video’s and tutorials since.  Although a knitter she also crochets and she has a series called “Crochet for knitters” within her fabulous tutorials she has a Tunisian Stripes Blanket Pattern and Tutorial

This Tunisian  “Simple Stitch” makes perfect little squares that will allow you to cross stitch a pattern or words onto it, so you get two for the price of one. You could even crochet a plain blanket and then find a cross stitch pattern grab lots of different yarn and stitch… amazing… I may just try that, we all know I have tons of scrap yarn.  I’m using Stylecrafts Aran Acrylic – it’s a lovely squishy yarn just perfect for the vomit that I am sure will find its way onto this blanket, being done for a work mate who is due to have a baby early July – she’ll be grateful I am sure to just be able to throw it in the wash without worrying about damaging the yarn. (Blanket is 146 sts long but folded to get a shot) I will be adding tassels at each end.


As the baby boom continues I have tons of knitted items to make for bubba’s I am still working on the Rompers for the two babies due very soon, you’ll see the finished garments  in next month’s blog.

I have started a Hoodie in another Stylecraft lovely – "Big Weekender". I am knitting a hoodie called Honey bear Hoodie, designed by Sarah Sumland.  For those who have a Ravelry account you can find this pattern here and what’s even better is my Guru has a tutorial on this too.

It’s a top down raglan and the pattern calls for a Super Chunky yarn, so a couple of days knitting easy.

Buttons Cardigan #606

This pattern is also for the bubs that i am making the Hoodie for above, in fact you’ll see over the next month I have tons of little bits for her, this little bubs was born 5 weeks early and has been through so much in her recent life, so making special items specially picked by Grandma.

It is a cool little knit – This is a paid for pattern;  I personally don’t think its super unique in its construction, and for me a little more expensive than other patterns out there with a similar construction; however I purchased it so I could make it just as Grandma wanted it. 

My next WIP is a little shameful; I was tidying up my craft corner and found a project bag that I had forgotten about.

It was supposed to be my 2016 lightweight summer cardigan. But looks like it will be my 2017 summer cardigan.

Pattern is called Kara;  by Cecily Glowik MacDonald you can find the pattern here on Ravelry. Sizes up to 4XL, I'm using an Angora blend yarn, looks super fuzzy at first but when you knit it up, it looks amazing. 


Cards FFO’s

I had a little break from cards and colouring sadly as there was so much going on, but I did manage to fit one..... or 4 cards in the mix.

Maternity Leave card

So in addition to the pillow case dress that I showed off in April’s Blog (Baby arrived before the due date- yay I was right)  I had made a card- the card was in the shape of a baby onesie – so super  cute and I really enjoyed making it, I plan on making more shaped cards that will be available from my online card shop,  more about that in Website news.

The main body was embossed with a swirl print folder, some ribbon a bow and little button embellishments for style – I think next time I’ll add some lace in for frills.

Farewell card

This card was made for my awesome friend and colleague- She lived in Vietnam for a year whilst on a work secondment and has now left to do a PhD in Autopsy at Oxford University. I offered to make her leaving card for everyone to sign, I mean I just had to right? I enjoyed the card making process, but it was bitter sweet for sure.

After discussing the theme I decided to go with a Bike scene as she loves her bike and I wanted to “build a scene” that looked happy and bright as her future will be.

The back looked pretty good too.


 Butterfly Shoe Card

This was a last minute request from my mum, she asked me to make a card for someone who needed a bit of encouragement, this person has been doing really well in her studies and it was to go with a gift.  I was told the recipient was extremely made up and was very impressed with the card so I’m happy.

I made this little something (desk card) for one of my best knitting students. From the get go she excelled, she did all the homework that I set, she zoomed through a blanket for her baby due in July, she has made cardigans and little headbands – she has projects lined up and will be tackling a cabled iPad case for her mum, pretty impressive, any ways after she had  done a bit of investigating (my mate Jo spilled the beans that I loved stamps)  this “little something” (Cute Girl and Dog Stamp) was given to me to say thanks for being her Guru…

                                                 (Water Pencil Colouring)

I was touched; I made her a Desk Card from the stamp. This stands up by itself and looks brilliant on a desk; I plan to make these a feature in my card shop when it opens.

Dabbling and plans

So following on from the hooked vibe, I thought tell you about some of my plans going forward with my new love crochet/ Tunisian Crochet.

I have re-discovered this fab yarn by James C Brett, His yarns are super soft anyway but this yarn Flutterby is so yummy, very fluffy and just divine. I first used this yarn about 2 years ago when I had knitted a blanket for my mum’s friend’s baby.

I struggled a wee bit because of its fluffy goodness and the pattern I was knitting did not allow for errors, so when I had to “Tink” back it was a painful process! So instead I am planning to make a blanket out of this same yummy yarn but do it in my stitch of the moment, Tunisian Simple stitch (mock sample below) not in those colours mind you.

I also plan on doing a crochet blanket made from the “Star Stitch” I believe it’s called. (Mock Sample below)

Love it!!

Shop News/Website

We had a fab flash sale this month, thank you all for your participation and the interest that was generated; we currently have a 20% discount for all orders over £20.00 for the month of May 2016 so don’t miss out.

Stitchery-Doo is almost ready, I really hope to have this up by the end of June, as well as the card shop, sorry been delayed due to “life” but I’ll stop making promises with the deadline and just tell you when it’s ready but I hope that’s soon.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to- it is indeed time for me to wrap up this baby.

I have a very busy month ahead so once again some variety, so make sure you stay tuned for next month. Feel free to email in with any questions you may have or would just like to say hello.


Jacko x

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