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It’s all about you!

Hello my wonderful subscribers, old and new I hope you are all well and have been as crafty as I have. We are almost at the end of June, so crazy how time flies; we must be having fun.  It’s been a funny old month.

This month I dedicate this blog to you! You have been so wonderful, encouraging, supportive and very complimentary. To hear I have inspired someone from the way a picture was taken, right down to a couple of you resuming another side of your craftiness that you had put on a back burner until you read my last blog. That’s what makes me continue to share; because we bounce off each other. So without further ado, get that brew on, as usual, this is going to be packed.



Yes I start off with the current love of the moment, I am very much a knitter but if you know me I can get hooked, and go through phases and just can’t shake it till it naturally just dies down, so going with the flow for now.

My friend is having her 3rd in August and every pregnancy I seem to improve – for her first I only made some little booties, I had only resumed knitting a month before so I was to be forgiven; for her 2nd I’d made a simple chunky blanket and now for her 3rd (Little boy) I decided to do another blanket as they are so useful, but it’s a chevron crocheted blanket and I love it!

As always I like to let you know the details of what yarn I am using and the pattern.
Now, I’ve been slated slightly because I have a badge that says “Step away from the Acrylic” and yes I am a slight yarn snob, but I don’t mind premium or just good quality acrylic. For this blanket I am using Red Heart: Soft Baby Steps in the colours - Aqua, White and Elephant.  The yarn is super-duper soft and I can just sit and stroke it, if nothing else! It’s so yummy I also have the pink and lemon that I plan on using soon, I am using a size 5.5mm crochet hook. The pattern I am using also has a tutorial for those that need it, on YouTube – it’s called: Crochet Chevron, Ripple, Zig Zag, Wave Pattern and you can find the link here


If you follow me on Instagram (@yarnstachick) you’ll have heard my squeals through my text, I just love these cute little ballet slippers. Some years ago I watched the tutorial for this pattern and totally couldn’t make head nor tail of it, now I’m all over it. Find the link here: Part 1 & Part 2

These are not true WIP’s as I’m not sure if I’ll ever finish the matching pair– I do plan to make some more though. The reasons behind that move is because the Royal Blue and White as cute as it looks, has a sparkle/shimmer in the white yarn and it’s incredibly annoying when the twisted bits of shimmer gets caught up on the hook, I think knitting with this yarn will be better. As for the light blue and cream, it was made with a bigger hook and so wouldn’t be a baby size, so likely to keep these as a sample.

Secret project

Yes, another secret project that will be revealed next month…


I am almost done with the mini wardrobe for a very special little baby who is a real little fighter, she was born prematurely and has had to endure so much in her young little life – I’m  making them big enough for her to grow into, as she is a tiny bundle of joy I’m confident it’ll be fine. They will definitely be finished  next month complete with buttons and a block. (Smoothing out stitches for those who are unfamiliar) 

Pattern by Kelly Herdrich Pattern can be found on Ravelry here 

Buttons Cardigan  Looks funny without arms right? Pattern can be found here- (It’s actually a Lemon colour- naughty camera)

 Buttons Cardigan with sleeves in green. Rico Essentials Yarn - DK




Tunisian Crochet

I was approached by my line manager last month – I don’t think there is a soul in my workplace that doesn’t associate me with a ball of yarn these days (happy face)– She asked if she could commission me to knit a blanket. “Of course!" I said (thinking someone she knew was having a baby) “when do you need it for”?  In my head I’m already making a space to fit this new project in; but this was no ordinary blanket, this was a very special request, full of cuteness and you’ll soon see why below.
A couple of days later I was given my instructions that I had by my side the whole time. (apologies for the wrinkles – I  literally took it everywhere I went making sure of  the measurements)

I decided to complete this as a Tunisian crochet pattern instead as it’s quicker than knitting and the perfect little squares that the "simple stitch" makes means I could easily cross stitch the Initials C & T (Charlie and Teddy)  I finished it off with some tassels at the end to stop the natural nature of it curling. A fabulous request that I really enjoyed making.
And the final result was ….

Too cute, a very happy chappie and a couple of warm bears.

Baby Rompers
It's back again….  a few blogs ago you’ll see I made one of these rompers for a work mates little Bambina – such a lovely little knit it takes me out of my comfort zone as I have to seam, but it’s all good. The Grey is for a boy and the natural colour is for an unknown gender.

Hopefully, I’ll have better pics to show you once the parents receive this and allow some exposure.

Crochet Baby Pinafore’s

I had actually considered calling this blog hooked part 2 – I’ve been busy on Ravelry checking out all the crochet patterns available. This pattern in particular has been sitting in my library for a while, I had seen it, loved it, was very excited to start it and then guess what? It was a CROCHET pattern, so I sighed and said one day I’ll learn how to crochet properly, so the minute I could, I whipped these two beauties up.

The designer has kindly given permission for this garment to be sold for profit which is awesome so just linking in some website news, I’ll be extending my online shop to not only feature hand-made cards but also crocheted and knitted garments (the knit wear designers are a little more hard-core in their permissions so will have to be very selective – more about this topic later!)
Pattern is by Maxine Gonser it’s called: Angel Wings Pinafore you can find the FREE pattern here

Chevron Baby Dress and Matching Slippers

How adorable I hear you scream, isn’t it just! These will be a gift, trying to be careful not to give too much away in case the person reads this blog, but thoroughly had fun making it. The Dress is a pattern by: Andree Tünde  and can be found on Ravelry with my notes, a good little dress for beginners but wold have helped if there was a little stitch count going on to help us newbies, but on a whole I love it, I used some King Cole Cottonsoft yarn in White and Drops Cotton Merino for the Grey – The pink was crocheted using  King Cole Gentle touch- (discontinued)  the slippers are from the same design as the slippers mentioned above. 

Baby Dress with Three Flowers

It is what it says a Crocheted Dress with Three flowers and yes that’s what the designer called it. A well written pattern with stitch counts -  I used a self-striping yarn from King Cole , I seem to love his yarn this month, the colourway was called Strawberry – you can find the pattern  over at Craftsy where you’ll find me giving this a 5 star  rating for the pattern. 

Cards/Prick and Stitch

Here are some shaker cards – These are to acompany the little boy and the unknown gender babies that I mentioned in the Romper section.  I used the hand dyed silky threads from De Haviland  threads, you can purchase them from our online store. Colours used are listed below. I always have fun making a mess getting glue everywhere and then having these awesome cards to show off. I still have plans for the online card shop but life has gotten in the way a little bit but I hope to be able to update you very soon. 


Unknown Gender baby card.
Balloons: Aqua Lemonade (light) Bow: Mellow Yellow Tails: Leaf Green

Baby Boy: Stalk : Grey Day.  Bundle: Blue and Purple

Virus Shawl

I can’t help myself; I saw this awesome shawl from a You Tuber who has a podcast you can link to her here.  Her name is Sian and I really like her podcasts, some people just get right on with the show and you never really get to know them, but with Sian it’s like a friend that’s left you a video to watch. She Crochets, Knits and Sews. I saw her update on the above shawl and I had to find it… it looks complicated and I won’t lie, I had to watch the video a million times before the pattern sunk into my dense brain but you’ll get it eventually, I’ll list the tutorials that you may find useful.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Joanna Martinez  (Short version)

Controversial corner.

This is not a new section but I wanted to include this section this month. I need your help to understand copyright…. So as mentioned a few steps back, A crochet designer has given permission of the finished garment (from her pattern) to be sold for profit, all she’d like her name to be given credited and for the written pattern not to be sold.  I have found the kind gesture runs through the majority of crochet designers (I haven’t come across a designer that says don’t sell the finished garment) However among Knitwear designers it’s so much harder!! Why??  I totally get that you shouldn’t sell on a commercial level like go and get a deal with MotherCare (shop in the UK) or anything but seriously I don’t get it. I had to email a designer once, as I’d like to think I’m an honest person and said I had a work mate that wanted me to knit a vest for a friends baby after she saw the gift I had made for a colleague that was due to go on Maternity leave – my workmate can't knit so what did she suggest I do- I’d like to charge for my time and materials? So the designer emailed back and was very sweet, she said I should go ahead and how pleased she was that her pattern was loved.  Some of us just love to craft we love the process of it or the finished article and that’s what makes us want to craft so for those who don’t want us to sell our finished items, do they suggest we only knit/crochet/Sew etc… only  when there is a need to (i.e a gift if not for ourselves) or make the item because we love it so much we just have to make it and then put it down in the hope that the perfect person will come along and claim it for no cost?? I’d like some perspective, i need educating, so I am calling to the amazing community that you are – I’ve tried over the years to understand but the penny hasn’t dropped, and now seeing that the crochet community seem to be more generous I just want to understand. Get in touch jackoscraftycorner@gmail.com  subject line Copyright.

And finally

It’s up! The page that we hope will inspire you when considering our Hand Dyed Silky Threads.
We thought it would encourage you to get started on a project or inspire you to get shopping and try these incredibly robust threads that feel silky soft with 200metres per skein!! Absolutely ideal for cross stitching but so many other "stitchy" projects, we would like anyone who has used the threads to help this page grow and continue to inspire, for instructions on how to contribute please read the text on the page. Click here

So we made it to the end

LOL – I hope you all have a wonderful craft month and I hope to have some cross stitchy vibes next month.

Jacko x



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