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Testing ,Testing 123

Well hello ya’ll!   I love that word ya’ll - how are you all? Well another busy month, I sometimes can’t believe how much I actually squeeze in. It seems like we waited for a bit of warm weather and now its here, it’s been a little bit of a sticky crafting month; with lots of hand-washing and slippery needles, but it’s all good. So you know the drill by now…… get that cuppa.

New Official Logo!!!

I usually leave website updates to the end but I of course have to highlight our official logo.

I had a very talented and patient designer named Mara from Blush & Gold  (details below) who worked with me to create some visual recognition, people hear about Jacko’s Crafty Corner but it’s just a name; when you add the visual side to it, it makes all the difference.  I list her website and email address; she provides multiple services including wedding invites and stationery go ahead and check her out.

Web: www.blushandgold.co.uk
Email: info@blushandgold.co.uk


Cross Stitch

So I start with a project I managed to pick up again, if you don’t know me; know that I am one crazy crafter, because I dabble in so much different crafts it can sometimes take a while to get back around. I know most of my subscribers/followers are cross stitchers, so thank you for hanging on in there and still being supportive of my other crafts. Please make sure you stay tuned so you can see how you can be a part of the mystery stitch giveaway we have coming up!

This chart (The Fruitage) was designed and gifted to me by the truly talented Wendy from @wendingstitches on Instagram. As I’ve said many times all the qualities I desire to have.  I am not sure if I will keep this or gift it or what it’ll even be when it’s finished.

Crochet Blanket

Time is almost upon me, - the beautiful ripple/waves/chevron type style blanket is coming on really well, I am about half way there, and I love the colours they just go so well together. My friend is due August 16th but it’s her 3rd so I don’t think I can hope for a slightly delayed arrival until its finished so had better get a move on with this.

Yarn used: Redheart Baby Steps

Knitted Beret

For those that don’t know me personally, or you just might not know…. I love to have matching hat and scarfs.  I decided I wanted to go pink last winter and so I purchased a few hanks of Malabrigo worsted. I planned to do a Beret and a lovely scarf/shawl I had seen – I started with the Beret, but it was soon apparent, after I had my son(5 years old) try it on for me, so I could get a better look at it, that it was too small.

I blocked it but it was still too small, so one day in conversation I mentioned to a colleague that I just had a hat laying around at home because I’d sized it incorrectly, and she said she’d have it. A long story short, the cherished hat – and I mean – seriously cherished hat was lost on her journey into work and she was very upset so…. an even shorter version, I offered to knit her a replacement- hopefully I can get a pic of her with her hat for the next blog.

Crochet Hook case

I feel like revealing lots about me this month, so I am just going to go with it. I like Gurus. Gurus are people I find online to help me with my Knitting, Crochet, sewing, card-making…. You get the picture right? Well as I recently resumed crocheting, I needed a Guru (naturally),  I have about 2 but one in particular has some pretty amazing tutorials and some fabulous designs.  Her YouTube channel goes by the name of BAG-O-DAY CROCHET & More. She has tutorial on how to make a roll up crochet hook case, which I found to be simple but pretty – not much progress from my side sadly.

This design also has you lining the inside so I get to do a bit of sewing; it will get longer to accommodate approx. 8 crochet hooks.  I have chosen the above fabric to co-ordinate. Check her out she is amazing, she explains the reason(s) why she does something so you really learn at the same time. Yarn used: Caron Simply Soft in the colour way: Blue Mint.


So you will have seen from last month’s blog a Pinafore that I made for two bambina’s.  Now the title of this blog is Testing, Testing 123.. and the reason for that is because I have decided that before making and selling items in my online shop to be, I would do some research. As I am keen to get things up and running I’ve already started sending out items of clothing to get feedback on. My work mate kindly offered her services when asked if her gorgeous bambina could be my model.  She sent me some pics and feedback.

How beautiful is this little bubs? I just melted right on the street when I saw this! Although the Pinny is a little large for her right now, I now know how to size this item, I still have some more testing to do but the plan is working; valuable info… I have a feeling you will be seeing some more of this pretty little model – Love her!

More testing

The one thing I love about crochet apart from the instant gratitude you get, is the structure of the shoes/booties/ footwear. It’s so precise and brilliant, I am in no way disrespecting knitting as I am first and foremost a knitter but I have long admired crochet footwear and how well they hold up.

I have 3 models currently waiting for their shoes to be sent out for testing so I’m also working on that but it’s just the soles that are completed at the time of writing. I love these shoes; you can find the pattern here on Ravelry (paid for)

Capelet/ Cape shawl/ Poncho

I am very fortunate to know people with kids of all different age groups.My new Crochet Guru Bag-O-Day has a tutorial showing how she made a toddler sized Capelet it is gorgeous and what’s more I had the same yarn she used in my stash for ages and ages, waiting for just the right project, of course!  I’ll post the link here so you can see how it’s done. One of my work colleagues who has a little girl was very kind when I asked to borrow her daughter for a guinea pig project.

Yarn: Red Heart
Colour-way: Tidal

Yarn: Red Heart
Colour-way: Cappuccino


 A beautiful project –suitable for beginners – Please go and check it out!


Mixed Medium set

So at the time of writing only 2 out of the 3 sets were ready for photographing – I’ll be sure to add the 3rd to the next blog though.

I love the sets, and the little bubs, (I call her a little fighter) - will look super cute in her little outfits. I can't wait to see her all dressed up, a mixture of knitted and crochet love.

Yarn used:
Hat: Drops Big MERINO
Shoes: Drops Big MERINO
Cardigan: Drops Cotton Merino

Yarn used:
Hat: Rico Essentials Merino
Shoes: Rico MERINO
Cardigan:  Essentials Merino

Little white Dress

Have you been following me on Instagram?  (@yarnstachick) If you haven’t then you won’t know how much this little dress has had me going crazy!! It’s a Dress that is to “die for” something seems to have happened to make the designer of this dress take down every pattern instruction from what seems like the face of this earth. I do hope she is not sick or worse, I wish she could know how much we love this pattern. The only trace where you will find any information is from a You Tuber called one virtuous woman. She had permission from the designer (when there was still a pattern you could download) to make a video showing how the dress was made, I hear the instructions were a little hazy so the tutorial helps a lot.  Little white dress Part 1 and Part 2.

Pictures from here on out will have a small sentence about it in order to reduce the length of this blog.

This set is going off for testing and some feed-back; I also added in a headband and some slippers to match too cute!

And another one (slightly unfinished in this picture) It has now been gifted to a work mate for her Maternity leave gift, so this is the best I have)

Little White goes Pink


Tunisian Crochet Blanket

Official pictures coming soon – gifted to a work mate for her Maternity leave gift.


Mystery Stitch GIVEAWAY.

So I have been quite excited about this, I wanted to do a fun Giveaway and I finally had a brainwave.

Over the next 4-5 weeks I will post weekly on Instagram and Twitter a picture of an image that you will eventually recognise.  The first person to get in touch and tell me what it is I am stitching wins a 3 hanks of De Haviland Embroidery (from the selection we have in our shop)

Guess as many times as you like. You can contact me via Instagram, email jackoscraftycorner@gmail.com or through our contact us section please put Mystery Stitch in the subject field, all the best.

I hope you have enjoyed catching up this month.

It’s been a slight struggle due to personal health challenges but I am ever thankful for the crafts I have stumbled on and the people I have met and who I’ll continue to meet. Such beautiful communities I am thrilled to be a part of! With that said – see you again soon, Happy Crafting.


Jacko x

Michelle Jackson