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Somebody say : RECESS?

Welcome to this month’s Blog.  I have so much fun interacting with you all on social media and even more fun rounding up my projects into one big bundle so projects are easy for you to look up.

As some of you know I have been facing some health issues, that I hope will sort itself out real soon but in light of that I wanted to take a little time out  - this will give me some time to recover and hopefully bring some of my other craft loves to the table by then. The next Blog will be published at the end of October.


Mystery stitch winner

Thank you to all those that got involved; and liked the posts that went up weekly.

We finally found our winner on Sunday 28th August!! Samantha guessed that the mystery stitch I had been stitching for the last 4 weeks was a silhouette of the one and only Michael Jackson. Below are the stages from week 1-4  I thought it would have been guessed at week 2 minimum.

Week one

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four – Complete

Threads have been received, I plan to do more stitchy competitions like this and special random give-away’s exclusive to my subscribers.



Little bubs arrived some days earlier than his due date. I happened to finish this Chevron blanket on August 16th which was his suggested due date.  I instantly missed not having a blanket with different colours to work on once I had finished but you know me I have so many other projects to be getting on with.


Every 3rd strip of the Blue and white took about 100g; the grey lasted a little longer.
I have plans for a girly version. this pattern is called: Crochet Chevron, Ripple, Zig Zag, Wave Pattern.You can find the link here.  Make it as long or a short as you like it’s very versatile.

Peanut the Elephant

There has been quite a stir with this little fella, I have had grown adults asking for one to be made personally for them, which is cool as I will be making one for me at some point, I love softies #bigkid.

A joy to make although lots of sewing up to do but if you take your time you’ll be fine. This matches so perfectly with the blanket above as it was meant to be a matching gift, but my mum came visiting  and really liked it, I had made another gift for her friend’s baby but she much preferred this.   

I intend to add some bling and lashes to the adult gifts; I have another almost on the hook for a little girl.  The Designer is:  Little Muggles, and can be found on Ravelry. Click here to find out more information.


Drawstring bag

I stumbled on this bag tutorial from my crochet guru – BAG- O-DAY crochet and more.
I thought this might be a lovely thank you and goodbye gift for a graduate colleague that is leaving our department to move onto to her next rotation. I love this bag, so simple and cute.  I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in the colour BONE for the main body and decided to make a couple of extra cords in case she wanted to switch it up a bit. I decided to leave the straps off but await further info as to whether she might want one attached when she receives it.


Another thank you gift for my line manager that is leaving our department to work/focus on a priority area in my organisation. As managers go, I did good, I wanted to make her something handmade because number 1 that’s my style and #2 she deserved it. I’ve had so much support health wise how could I not do something special? 

Blue is her colour so it was agreed that this be the colour. I’d love to do one for me but in a colour that would really show off the ruffles and lace at the edges. A fun project builds very quickly but then a slight lull in the middle, the best bit is definitely the edges. The designer is: Undeniable Glitter- Alyssa

Click here for the pattern on Ravelry
Click here for the web version

Little Mittens,Hat and Shoes


More goodies were sent off for my gorgeous little model, a work friend whose baby featured in last month’s blog, is kindly helping me out with some product testing.  Love the cute mittens, I really like this set and hope to feature this in my online shop when it’s opened and I have all the feedback I need. Links to the patterns below.

I used DROP Big MERINO in cream for the Hat and Shoes and Rico Cotton Essentials for the Brown Trim. The main body for the mittens was made in Drops cotton Merino (Cream)


Promised picture

I had promised to show you one of the sets I made for a “little fighter” as I call her, as I hadn’t quite finished before the blog went out. So plain and simple here it is.

The booties in this picture can be found on Ravelry  and it’s FREE

More testing

Waiting for feedback on these cute shoes that I made for an ex work colleagues little princess in prep for my online shop. I can’t wait!


I’ve been so busy with finishing off gifts that there leaves little for WIP updates, of course I always have WIPS but no significant progress has been made so no point updating and of course some of my WIPS have become FFO’s.


Whilst off I plan to get in as many therapy sessions as I can.  I have some dresses to make, I can’t wait to get back to sewing, and I’ve such an addictive personality that I can see I’ll get hooked on sewing and I’ll have a mountain of fabric purchases to deal with.

I’ll hopefully have turned these into pretty little dresses for my friend’s two girls.


Not entirely sure what all these beads will be used for, and i have more on the way. I have purchased them from various places so if you want more info then get in touch and I’ll dig out the info. Some of them will be used for the ends of my drawstring bags. The rest… well YouTube will be my friend for that.

Yes still hooked on Crochet, obvs… but I’d like to get back to colouring and my card making.

As I am limited with time this month I’m going to cut this blog here, and say have a wonderful rest of the summer and I’ll see you in October, I’ll of course be posting in the usual spots: Twitter and Instagram.

I love this amazing community keep being as lovely as you are.


Jacko x