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It was clear when I was asked the question: what would “you do if you came into money”? That my heart very much wanted to help people less fortunate than myself or to give to a worthwhile cause. Working for an organisation that supports 1 dedicated charity for a whole year with it having to meet a certain criteria, gave me an idea for me to do something similar Our mission is to support charities by donating a percentage from sales. Each category will have its own charity, and payment will be made at the end of every calendar month. We hope you will feel uplifted knowing that your purchase keeps on giving. Please note this is a growing page, I hope you will enjoy watching it grow.

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When I had the idea to make and sell blankets /newborn items for my shop, it was not hard to decide what kind of charity I wanted to support. The last thing most new mothers think about, once they have a healthy child, is the mothers who are grieving due to the loss of their newborn baby, the one(s) they never got to take home due to still birth or death shortly after. Although I have never personally suffered such a loss, it was brought to my attention after I had my own baby, and the health visitor apologised for being late due to a mother who had a stillbirth. That thought has never left me. After some in-depth research I decided I wanted to support Abigails Footsetps. Their mission is one that is leading in their efforts to not only raise awareness but to change the way hospitals and their staff deal with families who are dealing with a loss of a new-born. (ADD A STAT ABOUT STILL BIRTH HERE) The story behind this charity moved me and I’m very proud to be donating to this very worthwhile cause.

Please follow the link if you would like to find out more or if you would like to independently donate.

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