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I've always said you can take something for little value and make it looks a million dollars ( i'm British but i'm American at heart) likewise you can have something cost the earth and it look less than a fiver, its all how you carry it off. This is true of these handmade pendants, some of which are one of a kind, never to be repeated due to the random formation of some of the materials used.

I put my crafts through a testing phase before i push it to the public, I like to have confidence in what i am selling so my customers can have the best.

When I wore a pendant my husband had made, everyone was in awe; they couldn't believe he had designed something so beautiful let alone believe the necklace and resin finished pendant was handmade.

At such a reasonable price for such lovelies you can have one for every day of the week and for multiple outfits.

Purchase as a set ( Pendant with Necklace) or on its own if you already have a beloved necklace.