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Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have been enticed to pop a little something in your basket.

If you are a keen  wax melt burner you already know the  benefits  of melts; but if you are new to melts  here are a few  points  to digest.

Apart from the cute ness of them, they are incredibly easy to store – it’s your alternative  to candles. Candles  have a place  in the home and  I love to have my candles burn,  but  you can’t necessarily display 8 different candles  without your mantel- piece or table looking a little busy! This way you can  get multiple scents without the clutter.

It’s  very easy to  use, pop a melt in, light an unscented tea light and away you go!  Enjoy the  amazing scent throws you typically get from your melts. – you  can even  change the scent of a wax melt  - yes all  you need to  do when the current scent becomes  faint  is add some drops of fragrance  oils to your melted wax , stir for a few seconds it’s as simple as that!

Also in my opinion ( and I am allowed  one)  I feel in my home that  it’s a safer option – I do appreciate  the  naked flame that helps with  a romantic ambience but I just feel more relaxed with a melt on a burner especially when you have a busy lad running around.

Every set comes in a hand-made box just perfect for a little present for you to unbox or that friend  that you know will love them.


My love for stationery started from primary school and I've never grown out of it.  As a crafter, a love of one thing can lead you into another thing and another..... then oops down that rabbit hole.  I found myself falling in love with paper and card-stock when I started making bespoke keepsake cards for my friends, family and now my customers.   Due to the different and style of cards and random sizes, I had to make my own envelopes and boxes.  The house of cards swallowed me up whole.  It should be no surprise that I have a section dedicated to hand made stationery.  

There is a plan to expand on the many wonderful things you can do with card-stock but for now, I hope you will enjoy these cute refillable Post It Note Holders and Post It Notes.  The Holder is made from premium card-stock 350GSM. 

Benefits of these awesome cuties are:

*Keeps your post it notes clean and curl free

*Practical Gift Fillers

*Sturdy cover so you can refill multiple times

*Handy to throw in your bag takes very little space

*No one can  take them from your desk and just walk off with your Post It's ( That's my fave)!