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Scoopable Wax Melts

Scoopable Wax Melts

Scoopable Wax Melts- 10 Ounce ((MADE TO ORDER) See dispatch time at the  bottom of the page.  
If you’ve never tried a scoopable, now is the time to give it a go!
Dessert style scoops that are easy to use.
Simply scoop out some of the wax with the spoon provided and place in your warmer. You are in control of how subtle or highly scented your area is, as you can add as much or as little as you want.
Replace the lid to keep your tub of wax fresh.


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Jacko’s Top Tips

 ➢ Allow 1-3 weeks for a good cure time (date produced is on the back) 
➢ Burn for a minimum of 30 mins to get a good scent throw 
➢ Once scent fades, drop your own fragrance/Essential oil into the wax and continue burning
 ➢ To switch out the oil for a new melt, use cotton pads/ balls whilst the wax is in liquid form, and let it soak up the wax.
 ➢ Switch between different scents to avoid “Candle Nose” *
 ➢ Store in a cool/ dark environment 
➢ Use within 6 months. 
➢ Change oil after 5-7 burns to keep it fresh- The oil will not dissipate.  
To make sure that your goods are suitable for shipping please take note of the approx. dispatch times.
Wax Melt Originals 1-3 working days
Breakables – 1-3 working days
Scoopables 3-5 working days to allow the wax to properly set before shipping.