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Wax Melt Info

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you have been enticed to pop a little something in your basket.
If you are a keen wax melt burner you already know the benefits of melts; but if you are new to melts; here are a few points to digest.
Apart from the cuteness of them, they are incredibly easy to store – it’s your alternative to Pillar style candles. Candles have a place in the home and I love to have my candles burn, but you can’t necessarily display 8 different candles without your mantelpiece or table looking a little busy! This way you can get multiple scents without the clutter.
I have a few variations of wax melts that are all very easy to use.

Wax Melt Original

Pop a melt on top of your oil burner, light an unscented tea light and away you go!


Simply scoop as much or as little of the wax from the tub, with the spoon provided and drop into your warmer. Replace the lid to keep the fragrance locked inside.


Designed to snap off and place into your warmer. Sit back and enjoy the amazing scent throws you typically get from your melts.
You can even change the scent of a wax melt - yes all you need to do when the current scent becomes faint or can no longer be smelt is add some drops of fragrance /essential oil to your melted wax, stir for a few seconds…. it’s as simple as that!
Also in my opinion (and I am allowed one) I feel in my home that it’s a safer option – I do appreciate the naked flame that helps with a romantic /ambiance but I just feel more relaxed with a melt on a burner especially when you have a busy lad running around, yes you do need a tea light, but it’s a lot more secure by the structure of the oil burner.
On offer are various choices of fragrant scents, including some that are similar to Designer Perfumes/branded scents. These will have the word Designer before the name.
Please be sure to note the fragrance is reminiscent of the popular designer scent with similar notes and is not associated with the brand name.
Important Information

Although designed to look like food, DO NOT EAT!

-All Melts are made to order
-Shapes, colours of melts and use of Mica powders for visual effects may vary
-Please advise within 2 hours of submission if you require a particular shape
and colour i.e. Red heart, green heart….
Beginners gift set comes with
x6 melts
x2 slightly larger than normal tealights
Set of 8
X8 melts (same fragrance) or you may choose 2 different scents that will be split into 4
Set of 12
X12 melts (same fragrance) or you may choose 3 different scents that will be split into 4
Every set comes in a hand-made box just, perfect for a little present for you to unbox or that friend that you know will love them. For the cookie snap off style this typically will arrive in a cookie bag and for the scoopable wax melts, they will come in a tub along with a spoon.
Please also see my Info sheet that includes top tips and other info.